Start Event Name Locations Participants
Thu 13
10:00 am Communion Service to Samaritas Off Site Communion Services
12:30 pm Adoration Chapel Parishioners
5:00 pm Mass - Br. Rice Church Br. Rice HS
6:30 pm Stephen Ministry FSCR Father Shields Clubroom Stephen Ministers
7:00 pm Communio Townhall Off Site Parishioners
7:30 pm Legion of Mary Evening Presidium Off Site
POC Large Conference Room
Legion of Mary
8:00 pm Rehearsal - 8th grade Mom's Church School - Events
Fri 14
6- 8th Grade Visit Outdoor Book Fair    
8:00 am Advancement Council Meeting POC Large Conference Room School - Advancement Council
St. Regis
8:00 am Declamation Participation Round - 6th and 7th grade GYM School - Events
8:30 am Mass Church Parishioners
12:30 pm Adoration Chapel Parishioners
2:00 pm Mainteance set up POC Large Conference Room Facility
Sat 15
12:00 pm Communion Service to Sunrise South Off Site Communion Services
3:00 pm Confession Church Confession
4:30 pm Mass Church Parishioners
4:30 pm SOS Announcement Mass Church Parishioners
4:30 pm SOS Sign Up Church Gathering Space St. Regis
5:30 pm Intercessory Prayer Teams Chapel Intercessory Prayer
St. Regis
Sun 16
Ascension of the Lord    
World Day for Social Communications    
6:30 am Weekend Maintenance Staff Church Facility
8:00 am Mass Church Parishioners
8:00 am SOS Announcement All Masses Church Parishioners
10:00 am Children's Liturgy of the Word Chapel Liturgy of the Word with Children
St. Regis
10:00 am Mass & First Communion Church Parishioners
10:30 am RCIA Breaking Open the Word POC Large Conference Room Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
12:00 pm Mass & First Communion Church Parishioners
1:15 pm Baptism Preparation POC Large Conference Room Baptism Preparation
1:30 pm New Dawn & Young at Heart FSCR Father Shields Clubroom Parishioners